Hello, thank you for visiting our wedding and portrait photography website. Photography is something that I have been passionate about since I was about twelve years old. After leaving college, my first full time job was working for Lancashire Constabulary, in the scenes of crime department, after which, I began work as a young assistant photographing portraits and weddings with a studio in Reading. I then joined the television industry, embarking on a career as a location cameraman with ITV West in Bristol. However, in 2003 I decided to return to my first love of wedding photography.

When I started Howard Keith Photography my goal was to provide the finest of wedding and portrait photography services. I work with my wife Joan and believe a husband and wife team is an asset when photographing couples on their special day. I am passionate about my work, constantly strive to offer a service that surpasses my clients' expectations and above all, we absolutely love what we do!

I understand the importance of couples maintaining control of their wedding budget and so we have developed a price plan that is extremely flexible, so you know there's no need to spend any more than you have to. With our portraiture, we have two different types of options available, ensuring we have something for everyone.

Having started Howard Keith Photography I was determined to offer only the best possible wedding and portrait photography service and I hope that this website is a successful showcase for what I believe to be my own 'look' and style. You can find further information on our info page, or why not get in touch for an informal chat, I think you'll be surprised at how friendly we are!