Hong Kong wedding

By Howard Keith Photography | 9th November 2013

When I received an email back in January, I was more than overjoyed when I was asked to photograph a wedding in Hong Kong, in November. At first I thought it was some scam, but after reading a little further it transpired that the email was genuine. It turned out that Amanda, the bride, had attended a wedding of a friend last year who's wedding we had photographed. Amanda liked how we did things and seemed impressed enough with the album, so requested that we photograph her wedding, which was to take place over a nineteen day period in November.

This is where we are at the moment, typing away on my laptop in a very nice hotel in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong island. Amanda and her groom Eric are breaking with tradition slightly, in as much that the whole affair takes place over three separate weekends. The first event we have successfully concluded, the second takes place tomorrow (Sunday) with some more conventional Chinese traditional aspects to the affair, which includes two tea parties and paper dragons! The last of the three events happens next Saturday.

During our first week we offered an engagement shoot with Mandy and Eric, which entailed a visit to a local island for some fun beach pics, we also had some quality time with the two of them prior to our first reception. Here is a handful of photos that I like a lot...