Weddings at Orchardleigh - Katy & Dan

By Howard Keith Photography | 28th October 2013

Apologies for taking time in posting pics from our latest wedding, but life has been frantic at the studio! Lots to do and, as usual, not enough time to do things. Anyway, our last wedding was on 18th October at Orchardleigh, one of our favourite wedding venues. We shared the special day with Katy and Dan and all their friends and family. Once again, the weather was fantastic, despite a really abysmal forecast.

More often than not we photograph weddings at St Mary's church, but this year most of our weddings have been at Lullington church, just outside of the Orchardleigh estate. This is where Katy and Dan got married. I have to say, it was great to see a couple so much in love. The speeches were extremely well received and in particular the best man made most people cry with laughter, including Dan! Here are a few pics from their special day...