Almonry Barn Wedding

By Howard Keith Photography | 17th July 2013

On Saturday, it was hottest day of the summer so far and we joined Alli and Mike, from California, at Almonry Barn. It was the first wedding for several years where I couldn't face the idea of wearing a suit, so a silk shirt and linen trousers ensured I kept my cool. I had to smile to myself after hearing Alli continually tell me how they both hated their photographs being taken, but yet they were one of the most relaxed couples we have ever had the pleasure of photographing! Everyone was extremely friendly and intent on having a good time and this gave me the opportunity of getting some great photographs of all the guests. I have already received a thank you note from Alli and Mike and so am very happy that they're happy with the pics. Thanks to everyone for making Joan and I feel so welcome and also to Hannah of Strawberry Fields who ensured we were suitably well fed with some wonderful food!